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Online Crash Courses

16 sessions à 90 minutes

CourseExam dateTimesCosts per CourseBooking
FCE (B2)28.11.2023Mon. + Wed.
16 sessions
490,00 €
excl. course materials
Placement Test
CAE (C1)09.12.2023Tue. + Thu.
16 session
490,00 €
excl. course materials
Placement Test

Online Regular Courses

Cambridge English Certificates

Registration for all these courses still possible after the start date.
CourseExam dateTimesTeaching HoursCosts per MonthBooking
FCE (B2)March 2024Thu. 19:15–20:4590 min./week137,00 €Placement Test
CAE (C1)June 2024Mon. 17:45–21:00180 min./week214,00 €Placement Test
CAE (C1)27.11.2024Wed. 17:45–21:00180 min./week214,00 €Placement Test

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What Course Participants say

„Cambridge exam preparation courses take you through the key areas of English over a carefully timed period: grammar, listening and comprehension, reading and writing. The individual modules are very precisely coordinated, and reinforce each other’s learning effect. All in all, there is a good concept behind the CAE courses and no time is wasted. In short: good value for money. I have benefited enormously from this course.“

—Joanna Fischer

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